Repeat Patterns for Print-On-Demand

I started selling my patterns on Spoonflower in 2015, and after my first $5 sale I was hooked and never looked back. Now I have my patterns on Society6, RedBubble, and multiple products through art licensors all because I got started with that first rough-around-the-edges shop!

Use Your Creative Skills to Generate Passive Income

Nearly every day I get questions about passive income for creatives, so I knew it was time to create a class about my passive income strategy. What is the best way to get started?  Which print-on-demand platforms are most profitable?  How do you get started with teaching classes?  I answer all these questions and many […]

How Creatives Can Make Passive Income From Their Creative Skills

How in the world do creatives make money? And honestly, do they actually make any money at all? The answer is yes! Some of them anyway. I have been working as a creative entrepreneur for 4+ years, and have tried nearly every way to make passive income from my creative skills.