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The Everything Bagel Brushset

You can use this brushet to complete the projects in the iPad Art Break series on Youtube.  Enter your email below to get it in your inbox.

  • Sketching pencils for lettering and illustration
  • Realistic brushes like gouache, watercolor, and color changing acrylics
  • Texture brushes and animal prints
  • Paper textures
  • Pattern Layouts
  • Stamps

p.s. While you're waiting...need a Procreate or Affinity refresher?

I have free courses on Procreate and Affinity Designer that help you get comfortable with all of the tools you’ll need to create any kind of artwork on your iPad.

Procreate foundations

Learn all the basics of Procreate in this free course so you can create confidently in the app.

affinity foundations

Learn the basics of pattern design in Affinity Designer so you can create professional patterns for licensing and print-on-demand.