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Traditional to Digital On Your iPad Class

Traditional to Digital

on your ipad

Learn how to turn your painted artwork on paper into digital art for products, patterns, and print-on-demand shops.

What You’ll Learn

In the class, you’ll learn how to turn your painted artwork on paper into digital art that can be cleaned up, recolored, and applied to a whole host of products.

you can blend traditional and digital art?

If you love the gritty and real look of traditional paints, but can’t imagine giving up the ease and flexibility of digital art, here is the great news: you can have both!  I’ll show you a process that lets you turn your traditional paintings into digital art that you can clean up, recolor, and share on products, your portfolio, and print-on-demand shops.

Not ready to paint?

No problem!  I’m going to share a bunch of my scanned artwork with you so you can play around with the process before spending money and time on creating traditional art of your own.

The Best Part

Being able to clean up and recolor your traditional artwork is a game changer for any artist who struggles with choosing color or worrying about making mistakes.  You can just paint and worry about cleaning things up later!

So How Do You Watch The Class?

This class is only available to members of The Studio, my membership where members get exclusive access to all my classes, Procreate brushes, live sessions, and interviews.

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