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Trending Artwork with SEO Class

Learn how to create trending artwork that gets you noticed by buyers and licensors.

the project

In this class we’ll design a collection of illustrations or patterns together that all center around a trending theme.  We’ll talk about how to pack your collection with seo so you don’t have to worry about whether or not people will find you online!

the problem

Is this you? -> You put your art online or sent it out to licensors and heard…crickets?

This is the trap that leads so many artists to assume that their art is bad, when in reality, no one is even seeing it because it doesn’t have trending topics or good SEO.  In this class, we’re going to stop that cycle in its tracks and start building artwork that is findable and sellable.

 start with seo

Do you make a bunch of artwork, then try to figure out how to describe it for licensing and print-on-demand sites?  This is absolutely backwards!  We should start with trending topics, and SEO rich objects, THEN build the artwork around it if our main goal is to sell our work.

it's not you, it's your art

I’ve met so many artists and designers who have “given up” on licensing and print-on-demand because they think either 1) the system is broken or 2) their art isn’t good enough.  When I look at their work though I always ask myself, “how would anyone ever find this art with no SEO built into it?”.

Let me show you the method that has helped me build more than one full-time income from my artwork in licensing and print-on-demand.

So How Do You Watch the Class?

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