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Wallpapering My Studio with my Own Pattern

Lately I’ve been dreading sitting down at my desk to draw and find myself coming up with any excuse I can to work outside the house, so I knew it was time to re-vamp my drawing space to make it more inviting.

I’ve been reading Joyful, which is all about how to add joy into spaces and experiences, which prompted me to look at my studio space and ask if it was truly bringing me joy.  The answer was “absolutely not”!

Every time I sat down in my studio I felt uninspired and surrounded by drab emptiness.  I have embraced minimalism for years, but after reading this book I think I’m converting to a full-on maximalist.

I also wanted to surrounded by some of my work that I’m proud of, so I chose my favorite pattern and turned it into peel-and-stick wallpaper from Spoonflower.  See the pattern on Spoonflower here.

Watch Me Install the Wallpaper

I created a 60-second video of the whole wallpapering process!

See the New and Improved Space!

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