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What does AI Based Art Mean for Artists and Designers?

As most of you know, AI generated art is sweeping the internet right now and making lots of artists nervous.  Is our art going to become less valuable because computers can make art now?  Is copyright infringement going to get out of control because robots are scouring the web for images to sample?  Should I just give up now so I don’t have to face being robbed by a robot?
There is no question that this technology will change the art and design landscape, but keep in mind there are a lot of things that humans have that robots don’t – mainly a personality and the ability to share art and products in an authentic way that machines can never replicate!  This is why it’s so important to share not just your art, but the story behind the artist, process, and messy humanness that makes our art more meaningful.
Now more than ever, it is crucial to show yourself as an artist in pictures, videos, and writing online that tells a story about who you are.  Companies and buyers aren’t just buying your art – they are buying a connection with you as an artist, and no machine can ever compete with that.
As computer generated art becomes more and more widespread, I think our own style and the mistakes we naturally make as humans with a drawing device in our hands become more and more valuable.  That is why I am leaning into traditional materials (real or made in Procreate) AND looseness that computers can’t compete with.
Here is my prediction about AI based art – like many new technologies that have disrupted the art scene (like photography, which painters were sure was going to kill painting in the 1800s) there will be a new wave of artists who use this technology BUT it won’t replace the tried and true art we know and love.  Artwork (digital or physical) made with love and backed up with an artists persona will always have a market.

Show Off Your Human Errors

One thing you’ve probably noticed about AI generated art is that it often has a sleekness to it that tips you off that it wasn’t handmade.  So the number one thing I think artists can do to set themselves apart from machines is to embrace the “humanness” of your messy lines, textures, and mistakes.
In The Studio we do a deep dive into textures and messy layering in the Texture and Depth class so check that out if you feel like your work is missing that beautiful, messy feel that tells your viewers that real hands made the art!

Texture & Depth Class

Take a deep dive into the world of texture and layering in pattern design.  Learn how to create your own textures and apply them to patterns in both raster and vector format.

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