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Wildflowers in Procreate + Free Color Palettes and Gouache Brushes

I absolutely love drawing and painting florals, but I have to admit I often get stuck in a rut and draw the same plant forms over and over. This month I did a complete overhaul of my plant form library and wanted to share my whole library and process with you in this new class.

In the class, you’ll learn how to paint bold and colorful wildflower arrangements like this in Procreate:

I created a gallery of over 300 vintage wildflower illustrations, so you’ll have no shortage of plant forms to use as inspiration.


When you watch this class you’ll get all of the brushes and color palettes I use in the class as free downloads, including my saturation booster brushes, which allow you to use the pressure of your stylus to create varied brushstrokes on the canvas.


First we’ll study a single plant form so you can start adding new flower and leaf forms to your drawing wheelhouse.  If you’re like me, sometimes you get stuck drawing the same plant forms over and over, and you need some inspiration to start incorporating new shapes into your work.  This process will help you get familiar with new flowers and leaves, so you can create varied compositions with a variety of wildflowers and plants.


Next we’ll combine multiple plant forms in a middle out composition style.  We’ll look at how to choose plant forms that work well together, and how to select colors that compliment each other to create a bold and cohesive composition.


Last we’ll create a floral arrangement combining flower forms in several angles and shapes, so you can practice drawing and painting plants from the side, back, and top angles.  If you tend to always draw flowers from the front, this is a great way to mix up your drawings with some interesting angles.


These bold floral compositions are perfect for print on demand sites, gifts, or just sharing online.  They’re also great for printing out as art prints or turning into greeting cards.


All you need to take this class is your iPad and a stylus.  I’ll be using the Apple Pencil, but you could use any stylus, or even your finger.  Let’s get started!

Not ready to watch it now? Hover on the image below to pin it for later: