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Winter Holiday Illustrations on Your iPad: Digital and Printable Art for the Holidays + 26 FREE Stamps & Brushes

You may be thinking….”What? Not this early, please Liz.  I haven’t even picked out my Halloween costume!”  If you’re anything like me though, you’ve considered making your own holiday cards for years, but always seem to run out of time at the last minute.  So this year I’m starting early and working on some designs long before the holidays sneak up on me.

I created 26 winter holiday stamps and brushes that I want to share with you as free downloads so you can easily add some holiday flair to your digital and printable work.  When you watch my class on Holiday Illustrations in Procreate, you get all of my holiday stamps + my glitter textures so you can add some holiday sparkle to your illustrations.  

The stamps include 5 ornaments, 6 snowflakes, trees, candy canes, and of course holiday lights.  I also created a blizzard texture that adds a wintery touch to any holiday illustration.

In the class, I’ll show you how I created my holiday illustrations, so you can make your own personalized winter holiday stamps. First we’ll look at a few ways to make symmetrical snowflake brushes in Procreate, plus take a look at a free app that makes it easy to create any geometric shape you can imagine.  Then we’ll use the stamps, text, and hand drawn elements to create a unique holiday card.

Next we’ll use the quadrant symmetry tool in Procreate to create a sleek border around a simple quote.  I’ll show you how I create my holiday ornament brushes, and how you can personalize the ornaments with pattern and textures.

After that, we’ll turn a simple piece of text into a winter plant filled illustration.  We’ll combine hand drawn plants and metallic textures to create a holiday message that stands out.  I’ll show you how to add a string of holiday lights to the top of your illustration, so your work literally shines on screen or in print!

You can use the process you learn in the class to make greeting cards, social media posts, or design a printable gift.  I created some free digital planner stickers that I’m using to give my planner some holiday spirit.  You can pick up the stickers as a free download here.

Ready to take this class? Go to the class page to get started. See you there!